How to recover from being scooped

scoop (verb): to get the better of (other publications, newscasters, etc.) by obtaining and publishing or broadcasting a news item, report, or story first.

Maybe it’s the upcoming Super Bowl. Maybe it’s that the story we were scooped on today involved football. But WNIJ’s scoop of us on the tuition-giveaway-that-wasn’t story has me thinking that we’ve been sacked … on our home field … by a rival team.

This is one of those things that we shrug off too easily at the Northern Star. Not because we’re lazy or don’t care, but because we don’t know what it’s like to have this happen when it’s your real career. I often lived in fear of being scooped on a story that my paper “owned” because it’s a REALLY HUGE DEAL in the real world.

So what to do? The worst thing is nothing. The best thing is act now and act fast and push for something new to advance the story, so we can claim it back. Is there a hole to exploit in your competitor’s report? Fill it and tout it in the lead or headline.