Let’s enter more stuff

It’s easy to forget the parade of awards and winners announced Saturday in the run up to the general excellence award. We placed well in the categories that matter, but there were many categories we had no chance of winning because I didn’t have anything worth submitting. This made for a long, discouraging wait. I’ve included the categories below and have highlighted the categories in which we should be entering, and likely placing.

We will need to make an actual, deliberate effort to do work to enter into these categories and to do it well. If you all would like to pick categories to go after, come tell me what they are, and I will do training sessions on them.

Categories for the ICPA contest

Open (for both dailies and non-dailies)
1.     Editorial cartoon
2.     Other cartoon, strip or panel
3.     Advertisement less than full page
4.     Full-page advertisement
5.     Classified section
6.     Entertainment supplement
7.     Special supplement
8.     Opinion page(s)
9.     Graphic illustration
10.   Critical review (film)
11.   Critical review (other than film)
12.   In-house promotional ad
13.   Advertising campaign
14.   Online news site
15.   Multimedia reporting
16.   General excellence
17.   Front page layout
18.   Editorial
19.   Column, excluding sports
20.   Feature story
21.   Feature page design
22.   News story
23.   Sports news story
24.   Sports game story
25.   Sports feature story
26.   Sports column
27.   Sports page design
28.   In-depth reporting (single story or stories)
29.   Headline writing
30.   Photo essay
31.   Feature photo (including sports)
32.   Sports photo
33.   General news photo
34.   Spot news photo