Oct. 30, 2017, critique


Single quotes in front-page headline. Angela did an unexpected profile on the chairperson of the Board of Trustees. It was nice to see something a little different from what we usually do.

Photo of the Week

None stands out.

Best lede

Lindsey Salvatelli | Northern Star

DeKALB — Members of the Asian American Resource Center held signs and chanted “13 years too long” during a Thursday march meant to call attention to their need for a new space.

Best headine

 None stands out.



• When I read the top of the second column, I started reading at “to receive.” The blank space between the grafs in the breakout box and the similar typefaces make the column look like it starts there. I recommend a sans serif font for breakouts, a rule and no space between grafs within a breakout.


• The above headline is referred to as a “no-$h!t” headline. These headlines state the obvious as in “Bridges help people cross water” or “Food is for eating.” They’re too vague. This could be about any comedian ever. In a situation like this, find a quote or detail to feature.

Rodeo, dummy, taboos:
Netflix recipe for laughs


• Capitalize “Room” with a number, as in Room 35. It’s in the AP Stylebook.


• “Wide variety” and “broad range” are both examples of redundancies. Just go with “variety” and “range.”