Aug. 30, 2018, critique


The dominant art on Page 1 by Cris was beautiful and eye-catching. Your extra effort paid off.

In general, the editing was cleaner than the previous issue.

Best photo

Again, nice job, Cris. This is the best photo in the paper and kudos to who decided to put it on Page 1.

Best lead

Ginger gets bragging rights with “The Jim Henson Company’s most recent venture, ‘The Happytime Murders,’ didn’t sit well with audiences for its opening this weekend, indicating Muppet-lovers aren’t quite ready to have their childhood ripped apart on screen.”

It’s a tad long, though, so just a reminder to watch the length.

Best headline

None stands out.


Skylines: I’ve long thought our skylines could look better. You all know how I feel about text over photos. In addition, that outlined font is hard to read. It doesn’t put enough space between words, making it the worst to read at a distance, which generally is how skylines are designed to be read on a newsstand. I’ve looked at a bunch of skylines today to give you an idea of how other papers tackle this challenge of combining photo and text. And while you’re at it, I’d also notice that if you compare our flag to the others, we could stand to bump up the size a bit.

Feature photo: I’ve mentioned the photo by Cris a couple times now, but I need to point out that it doesn’t have any sort of headline to help readers get their heads around what they’re looking at. I’ve compiled some examples of this as well to provide inspiration for how we want to handle this in the future.

Spell check your work: Among the most irritating errors I see in the paper are misspelled words. You don’t have to know a thing about journalism to know how to spell check a page. Also, it’s something that readers will spot instantly. It makes us look so amateur.


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