Sept. 4, 2018, critique


Photo from the Daily Iowan! Way to go! Sooooo much better than always using something from media services, which I always hate to see because it’s kind of a pride thing. Plus, using the work of fellow student journalists is a good thing. Let’s keep doing this and try to get the photog’s name if possible next time.

Peter’s Eminem piece: It was well-written and thought-provoking. I especially like Peter’s discussion of how Eminen’s  vulgarity doesn’t really play well at this stage in his career, not to mention it being out of step with society at the moment.

Best photo

Yeah … It’s the Daily Iowan photo. At least we were smart enough to pick it for Page 1.

Best lead

Peter, again: Eminem’s latest album “Kamikaze,” released Aug. 31, manages to say very little while at the same time being vulgar as ever.

Best headline



The Corn Classic map is unreadable. We are developing a habit of running useless graphics. Graphics are good, but not if you can’t read them.

The main headline on Page 1 is found nowhere in the story.

We’re halfway there on correcting our photo placement issue. I’m glad we’re not running a photo between the headline and the start of the story anymore; however, we want to anchor photos at the top of the story (and not run text above the photo in this instance). Instead, the photo would be best at the top of columns 2 and 3.

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