Reporters’ Web Research Guide

Web Research Guide

Legal Resources

Illinois Open Meetings Act

Journalists Guide to Illinois Open Meetings Act

Illinois Open Meetings Act FAQ

Illinois Freedom of Information Act

Illinois FOIA FAQ

Automatic FOIA letter generator : From the Student Press Law Center.

Student Press Law Center

Tapping Officials’ Secrets in Illinois : A useful place to help you know whether various records are public or private. Lots of info and citations on Illinois Open Records and Illinois Open Meetings laws.

Reporters’ Committee for Freedom of the Press

NIU resources

NIU directory

NIU Experts Guide

Media and Public Relations The university’s public relations office. Good place to start if you’re not sure where to find information, especially on administration-related issues.

NIU Administration

NIU Athletics Find information, press releases, records, schedules and more.

The Convocation Center home page

NIU calendar of events: Listed by month. Look here to double-check times, places, dates of NIU academic and cultural events.

NIU Weather info

NIU publications

Northern Today — the information site produced by University Communications staff. This is a public relations/marketing product.

Northern Now — the magazine sent to alumni

NIU home page

Northern Star homepage

Illinois College Newspapers

Daily Illini – Univ. of Illinois

Daily Northwestern

Daily Egyptian – SIU Carbondale

Daily Vidette – ISU

Western Courier – WIU

Nationwide Directory of Student Newspapers

By state

U-Wire: The daily electronic newswire for the collegiate media.

Press Organizations

ACP: Associated College Press. The main, national organization for student journalists.

NINA: Northern Illinois Newspaper Association. Based at NIU and the Star. This site includes links to other
Illinois and national press organizations.

SPLC: Student Press Law Center. A HUGE help for all student-media legal questions.

CMA: College Media Advisers (but there’s lots of info here for students, too).

Newseum: See today’s front pages and more.