11 commandments of beat coverage

I seem to pull this out every time I go searching in my email history for something else. I used to give this to my new staffers to read back in the day. Enjoy. 11 Commandments of Beat Coverage By JOHN SWEENEY Wilmington, Del., News Journal 1. Know Your Readers Know who your readers are….

What does digital-first mean to us?

An editor once told me that if you have a date in a news lead that is more than a day old, you either have the angle wrong or you missed a story. Let that be food for thought about how we covered the city council story in today’s paper. I knew what happened Monday night because…

Covering a meeting

It can be tough deciding what to lead with in a meeting story. Here are some things to watch for that you might want to include in the story or even lead with: Laws, ordinances or resolutions passed Plans or budgets passed Officers elected or committee appointments made A meeting that goes really long or is…

Tribune training

Thanks for taking the time and effort to attend training at the Tribune today. Random notes: Staggered deadlines throughout the day Know each of your stories and be ready to talk about them at length. Morning meeting Web first 3M post-it app We’re doing a lot right. Every story needs a photo What’s the twist?…

Looking for a post-college job?

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on journalism job listing, even if you’re a student or recently graduated with your first job. You can keep an eye on skills employers are looking for and who knows? You might find a better gig. Here’s the latest batch of openings compiled by The Headline Club.

Apply to the Northern Star

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