Words of welcome from your adviser

As adviser to the Northern Star, I’d like to welcome you to our staff.  I want to make your career at the Northern Star a valuable learning experience in an environment that promotes social connections and friendships that can last a lifetime. For many people, working at the Northern Star becomes a life-changing experience.

There are many resources available to our Northern Star journalists that you are encouraged to take advantage of. The student editors care deeply about the success of the Northern Star and its staffers. Their jobs are to coach you and help you grow as journalists.

Shelley Hendricks, Northern Star adviser
Shelley Hendricks, Northern Star adviser

We also have an unusually active and passionate alumni group with more than 800 former Northern Star staffers. Their work at the Northern Star has launched careers in about every imaginable discipline: journalism, law, business, public relations, education and many more. They are available for advice and networking opportunities to all Northern Star staffers.

And, finally, I’m available to you for one-on-one sessions/discussions about whatever your needs are. For example, I can help talk about a story with you, give you a private session on punctuation or grammar, offer guidance on your career, give time-management tips or just about anything else.

I strongly urge you to follow these tips to be successful at the Northern Star:

  • Read the entire Associated Press Stylebook. I suggest reading it in alphabetical order. Read one chapter before bed every night.
  • Read the news every day. It helps you stay current, and you will become aware of how professional journalists cover the news.
  • Spend time in the newsroom. Collaboration is key to excellent work and learning the trade.

Being a member of the Northern Star staff carries with it serious obligations and responsibilities. We publish real reports that have real consequences. Your work here is governed by legal and ethical standards. You have the following obligations:

  • You are responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by the Northern Star Code of Ethics and the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.
  • You are responsible for reading the attached New-Employee Guide to News Gathering and Reporting.
  • You must represent the Northern Star professionally.

I look forward to seeing the great work you will do at the Northern Star.


Shelley Hendricks

Adviser, Northern Star